Saturday, December 24, 2005


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bad week for pets 

Well, Snickers is gone.

As you know Snickers was having some sort of seizures. When we brought her to the vet the most likely cause was a brain tumor. They gave us a prescription, something to prevent future episodes. The medication was making her loopy, she seemed out of sorts and would wander aimlessly around the house. Another side effect was increased appetite and thirst. That led to a few "accidents" around the house. She couldn't help it. She also seemed to loose some motor function or at least muscle control because she was having an increasingly hard time going up/down the stairs. Sometimes she would have a difficult time standing if she was on a hardwood or tile floor. Her legs would slowly slide out from under her.

With all that we decided to cut the medication in half. We didn't want to take her completely off just reduce the dosage. That seemed to help things for a little bit. She seemed less loopy and more aware of what was going on around her. She stopped wandering and looking into space at nothing. Her appetite was more normal although she did still drink a lot of water. She seemed to have an easier time with the stairs. Things were looking better.

Over the past couple of weeks things got worse. She was having an extremely hard time with the stairs. It got to the point where we had to carry her up and down. Her appetite went way down hill, very very picky about what she would eat. She appeared sad all the time very lethargic. She could barely stand. Her breathing was ragged. Over the past two days she wouldn't eat anything at all (unless it was hand fed people food).

My mom made an appointment with the vet tonight. We took her in and the vet didn't like what she saw or heard. Her gums were pale, her breathing was very labored and her stomach was distended. The breathing and stomach in her opinion were possibly spreading cancer from the tumor. We could have had all sorts of diagnostic tests done to see what were the actual problems. The vet said with a dog her age it would be more for us than for Snickers, we would have answers. If she were younger we would have done that, tried it all to see if she could be saved.

In the end we opted to put her to sleep. It was quick, painless and she was getting patted the entire time. She went with much attention and love. It was for the best. Sad as it is, it was for the best.

She was a good dog and a great pet. Loved people and was great with little kids, putting up with all their poking and prodding. She will be missed.

All dogs (and cats) go to heaven right?
All pets go to heaven. Yeah that sounds right.

Snickers 1991-2005

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mr. Pryor. R.I.P. 

He was a funny funny man.

Here is the transcript to one of the funniest things from SNL. DEAD HONKY

Peace out

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Can you find them all? 

I found this on MSNBC site under the Test Pattern column by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper.

"• Virgin Digital says there are 72 band names hidden in this picture. Note: At least one part of the image is not for children. I know at least one office that has posted this on the wall next to a blank sheet of paper with 72 numbered lines so employees in need of a mental break can fill in a few lines at a time."

Find the band names.

I give Jason an hour to complete this.

Peace out.

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