Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This & That 

Excluding winter, I really love the start of each season. I enjoy that first warm spring day after winter; that first really hot day in summer when you just walk down Newbury street and enjoy the sights. The fist cool day in fall, the one you need a sweater to go outside. It is just great.

I have noticed that for the most part the blogs have run silent. Becky was harassed by the spammers. Neither Bryan nor Kerry have said anything in ages. The Morrissey clan has also gone MIA. Where have all the blogers gone?

This is my last week of extended vacation before joining the ranks of the employed. I really should do something but I won't. I'll just do more of the same. Watch Bob Barker for another week. I would so love to go on that show and play PLINKO!

I recently started a subscription to the Boston Globe for no other reason than why the hell not. I find that the paper is mostly filled with bad news so I am not sure why I read it, I guess to stay somewhat informed about what is going on in the world. I save the comics for last to help balance out the bad.

I am really digging Lost, Threshold and Surface for TV shows. I look forward to them each week and scan the message boards after to see what people have to say about what is going on with the plot.

I am drinking various Octoberfest beers. I like the Harpoon Octoberfest and the Sam Adams variation is also good. I had the Rocktoberfest from Rock Bottom and it was just OK. Trying to find the Petes Wicked Ale Octoberfest but haven't found it yet (only looked in one store).

Well that is enough of this and quite enough of that.

Peace out.

P.S. I finally posted my reviews of Wedding Crashers and Transporter 2

Thursday, September 22, 2005

the eagle has landed 

As you all know I have been out of work since March. I have been looking on and off since then, gone on a few interviews applied to many positions. I recently had two interviews at a company called Wolf Greenfield located in the Federal Reserve Building. By recently I mean that I had the second interview yesterday. I got the call today. The phone rang and I saw from the caller ID it was someone from Wolf Greenfield. I crossed my fingers and answered the phone......


I asked them to send it to me in writing so I can take a look at it and make my decision from there. I did mention to the HR woman I was definitely interested. She said she understood and that it was an important decision. She verified my address and I should be getting the offer in the mail. Probably tomorrow via FedEx/UPS? Any way the money is the same I was making at EV and the benefits are good. As a bonus I already have a friend in the building!

Jimmy is happy!!!!!!
Jimmy is excited!!!!!!

Peace out!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005


I have been guilted into posting something. I also have been ignoring my space here. Not that I ever have too much to say but I like to keep people aware of what is going on with me and mine.

I have been ignoring my movie reviews, I have gone to see Wedding Crashers and the Transporter. I'll post both review at some point soon. I just need to get off my lazy ass and do it. It isn't like I don't have the time I just lack motivation

On the job front I have not heard anything else from Brown Brothers. I called them a week or so back. They said they have not made any decisions yet. I also had an interview at Wolf Greenfield, a lawyer firm, located in the Federal Reserve Building. I have a second interview for this position (Record Clerk) on Wednesday. Crossing my fingers on this one because it seems like something I want. It has good benefits and good location, hopefully the pay will be acceptable. Hopefully they will offer me the job.

Snickers had an episode today. She was lying on the floor near me as I was lying on the couch watching the Sox and Pats lose. She gets up, starts walking but she is weaving like she is drunk. She stumbles into the entertainment center and then collapses. She didn't seem to be breathing, at least not normally. Then I think she had some sort of seizure, she was lying on her side and her body arched into a C. Her head was going back and her whole body was tensed. She relaxed after that, lying motionless (and peeing). I thought she was dying right in front of me. She got up after a few moments but was very groggy and disoriented. I put her out back for some air while I cleaned up her accident. She seems OK now but it was a little scary for a bit and very weird. She is old, 14, so I guess it is to be expected. She just went to the vet about two weeks ago. The vet gave her a good clean bill of heath for a dog of her age.

Well that is an update on what is gong on with me at this point in time.

Peace out.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Dee Dee's 

So last night I went to Dee Dee's lounge to check out a band (We're All Gonna Die) that Scott recommended (He knows the bassist/singer). I was sitting alone at the bar watching some of the other bands. I was finishing up my second Harpoon Octoberfest (yummy) and ordering another when this guy walks up to me. He is drunk, very drunk.

Drunk Guy: "Hey"

Me: "Ummm Hey"

He stands there for a few seconds just looking at me, staring. He is also right up next to me def in my space.

Me: "Do we know each other?"

DG: Nods and sticks his hand out "Adam"

I do not know this guy but he just stands there. I try to ignore him but it is impossible because he is right there. He keeps looking at me. Then he says something but he is mumbling and all I hear is "Wanna walk out?" At least that is what I think he is saying. At first I was thinking "Is this guy hitting on me?" I didn't think that for very long. I turn to him shrug my shoulders because I have know idea who he is, what he is saying or what he wants. He looks at me at shrugs his shoulders as well. One of the bands was playing so it was hard to hear anything. I am seriously weirded out at this point. I say to him "I don't have any idea what you are talking about." He just stares and nods like he thinks I know exactly what he is talking about. Then he starts to nod his head in the general direction of the rest of the bar. Conveying with his head and eye movement that I should look around me. I look around then back at him. He does it again. Then he says to me "I'd like to go to Israel too." This is followed by more knowing head nods like he is aware of some secret of mine. He starts walking away at this point turns to me again and says "You be careful."

He goes back to where he was standing before and finished his drink. I see him lean over and talk to someone who worked at the bar (owner or manager). That guy glances in my direction. I am thinking more trouble was coming but nothing happened after that. Drunk Guy Adam heads to the bathroom then I see him leave. I kept my eye on the door just in case he was just having a smoke but he never came back.

A little later my brother calls and I tell him where I am and he comes by for a couple of beers. We're All Gonna Die have their set next and it was very good. They are heavy and loud I liked it enough to buy the CD. I always like to pick up some local music you never know what is out there.

Peace out.

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