Friday, July 30, 2004

Holy Maneater Batman! 

Can you believe Batman was right all this time? It does exist! It does exist!

Shark Repellent

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Beer Run! 


This would be a great movie!  There are not enough prison comedies out there.

Friday, July 16, 2004


Recently I have been having a problem with my PS2.  When I would go to play a game, any game, it would not load up.  There would be a buzzing/grinding noise coming from inside the system.  Sometimes it would load the first part of  the game but then when it was switching over to another scene or loading up the next mission it would happen again.  The game screen would either freeze or just go black.  Buzz buzz buzz, grind grind grind.  This was getting frustrating to say the least.  I wanted to play Medal of Honor dammit!  I wanted to play Tiger Woods 04. 
The first thing I tried was something Scott had suggested.  Place masking tape on the tops of the disc to make it a little heavier.  This may help it sit in the tray better.  That didn't do it.  According to Scott it really only works on the promotional discs with the blue back on them, because they are made from cheaper material they weigh less and need the tape to hold them down. 
My next step was to go to Electronics Boutique.  I figured the people that work there are gamers and would have some idea as to what to do or what was wrong with my system.  I told the EB clerk what was going on and he said that was typical thing to happen with a PS2.  It has many moving parts and moving parts tend to break.  I have had my PS2 for a few years now so I was ready to buy a new one if need be.  I know shit breaks, it happens.  The first thing the clerk told me to do was call Sony.  1-800-345-SONY.  See what they have to say.  He told me if they quote you a price of more than $60 to fix it then it wasn't worth it (more on that later).
I go home and call Sony, I talk to the customer service rep.  She takes down all my info, serial number, model number, and personal info.   She tells me they are going to fix it for nothing.  That is right boys and girls, zero nada zip.  I think that is well under the $60.  I am thinking this is pretty cool.    I am told I will get an e-mail with all the instructions on where and how to send it.  The e-mail states that they will fix/replace/refurbish the PS2 as long as it wasn't from personal neglect/abuse/modification on my part.  I was also told that it might take 20 days or so for them to get my PS2, look at it, fix it and then return it.  I was fine with that. 
 I bring my PS2 to work box it up and ship it off to Sony.  I ship it UPS ground, it is only going to PA and that will take two days.  It cost me $4.45 with insurance on the package.  Not bad at all.  I shipped it out on Wednesday the 7th.  It arrived at Sony on Friday the 9th.  I checked the status of my PS2 early in the week they had no record of it yet but that was ok because they said it was probably because a tech wasn't assigned to it yet.  You can only check the status if a tech has been given the system (this can take up to a week).  Fine I think, I'll just check later in the week, see what is going on.    

Tuesday the 12th.  I get two e-mails one from Sony the other from FedEx Ground.  Sony says they fixed my PS2 and it is on the way back. It comes with a 90 day warranty but you need to keep your packing slip that comes with it.  The FedEx e-mail says package coming with the ship date estimated arrival date and tracking number.  The estimated date was the 14th.  I tracked it a few times to see where it was on route.  The date changed to the 15th.  I get home yesterday and no package.  I put my bag down hang up my coat and sit on the couch.  Knock knock at my front door.  I get up, go to the door and there stands Mr FedEx with a package for me!  Woo Hoo!
My PS2 now works fine now, no buzzing or grinding.  Games load up like they should and I can play again.  I got it fixed for free (well $4.45).  Not to shabby.  All in all I think I made out alright.
Side note:  the reason the clerk told me not to pay more than $60 was because EB has a policy where you can bring in any broken PS2 and they will give you a $70 credit.  You can use that towards  a new PS2.  That gets you a brand new system for about half price.  Which is better than getting a refurbished one from Sony at the same price.  EB also offers a service where you pay 15 dollar fee and if your PS2 ever breaks you bring it in and they will swap it for a brand new one.  I think that lasts for a year but I think it would be worth it. 
Peace out and Game on 

Monday, July 12, 2004


From Boston.com

Starting in early August, consumers will see the release of some of the most hyped and most eagerly anticipated games ever: ''Doom III," ''Halo 2," ''Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," ''Metroid Prime 2" and ''Metal Gear Solid 3," and possibly ''Half-Life 2" and ''Gran Turismo 4."

Looking forward to some of these games. Especially since I just beat Medal of Honor Rising Sun. I need something to play.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


This story about missing Marine from Lebanon seemed fishy to me from the very beginning. Maybe it was because of his name Wassef Ali Hassoun. Maybe it was because he was AWOL for a few days before he was a "hostage". Maybe because the pictures of Wassef Ali Hassoun held as a "hostage" were so different than the others we have seen. The ones with the masked gunmen with the ski masks standing in front of the hostage. Something seemed just a little bit off about the whole situation. Looks like I might have been right.

I am against the war, I support the troops. I understand troops that are against the war. I can't support deserters. There are other ways other routes to take.

Fishy Story

Peace out people.

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