Thursday, April 29, 2004

First off I want to say that I like my new job. I have been in this new position (Facilities Assistant) for almost a year now. It will be a year in mid June. I have been with "The Company" for 9 years this May 8th. Damn that is a long time. It flew by to, isn't that always the way? Any way like I was saying I like my new job. I have a cool boss and my bosses boss is also cool. Right now work is busy. We are in the middle of moving something like 130 people to various parts of the building. Not all at once mind you just one group after another. It just never seems to end. It is like one of those puzzles where you slide the pieces around to try and get them in the right order to form the picture. You can't move one piece until the other is out of the way.

Some depts are going to brand new areas in the building that we just rented and had all sorts of construction done. Knocked down some walls put up new walls, paint, electrical work, order office furniture, order workstation furniture, the whole 9 yards. In our accounting dept we put up new offices so we had to move a number of people out of the way to do the work. We stuck them all in a conference room (about 5-6 people). Not Ideal working conditions but they did it with out any real complaints at all. We had another group of about 7 or 8. We asked them to move to a temp location because the work in the area they are really going hasn't even started but we needed the area they are currently in for a group of about 16 new hire that are coming from another company. They moved in a day on no notice at all. They worked with us and were happy to help.

The new hire group had to go to 2 separate floors because the work on the area they will eventual go to has yet to be reconfigured. We still need to build offices and redo the cubicle furniture. It turns out the new hires are not coming right away as we first thought. So now we need to use the space that they were going temp for another group to move temp until the work on another area is complete.

Confused? I am and that is just some of the moves.

This brings me to the point of my post. All those people that we moved and have yet to move did so with out much of a complaint. Yeah some of them did not want to move but they did it. What choice did they have really? None. So they could bitch about it and make the move as miserable as possible or go with the flow and make it easy as possible. Now there is one woman who is moving from 8th floor to 7th floor. She doesn't want to go. She complains that she is losing her water view. Now her water view office is if she leans really close to the glass and looks left she can see a speck of water. Please. She tells us she is not moving to 7 that she is moving to 9. Right now there is no room on 9 not at all. So she is moving to 7. She hasn't started to pack her shit yet. She is just fighting this all the way. She said something like "I am not going to stand for this" when my boss told her she was moving. People bitch at us like we make the decision to when and where people are moving. Nope that comes from higher up thank you very much. Now pack your shit and move! You can whine all you want it will not change a thing. Every move is full of office politics, who gets the bigger office who gets the water view office yadda yadda yadaa.

I have to say though it is better to have too many people and not enough places to put them then to have not enough people to fill the places. It keeps me in a job.

Peace out.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Jason gave me the sad sad news that DP Dough has been closed down. Closed down due to the owners reluctance to paying taxes. This place has the best calzones I have ever had. The place was a good half hour to forty minutes away. Crazy to drive this far for calzone? Nope, not crazy. Besides according to the Chris logic of driving "it's just down the street". The funny thing is he has never been there (and he could be there in twenty). These calzones ROCK!. What shall I do now? Worcester? I think there is one in Dartmouth? No more calzones in Bridgewater though, at least for now.

A little side note.
Jason also told me the bar across the street where we went to see Fat Angus which is the best AC/DC cover band ever is also closed.
My world is crumbling

Peace out, no calzone for you!

Monday, April 26, 2004

Zen Mania!!! 

I have been thinking about this ever since Diana mentioned this in one of her blogs on music. I finally broke down and bought a Zen. Right now it is charging at my desk. That way when I go home I should be able to put my CD's onto my jukebox and have music on the go all the time. Hopefully I will not have too much trouble with it. I have been known not to have very much computer savvy. Any pointers from Diana or Becky? Anyone at all?

Peace out

Friday, April 23, 2004

Are you kidding me? 

I see London I see France If I see your underpants......
Your going to be fined.
Fines for plumbers crack I could see but low slung jeans? Please!


Thursday, April 22, 2004

Spiderman Haiku 

Here comes wall crawler
web spinner extraordinaire
BOOM!pumpkin bombs BOOM!


I am going to try and post more often even if it is something stupid and lame and geeky. Such as....

Jimmy's Top Five Favorite Superheros

1) Spiderman
2) Batman
3) Daredevil
4) Wolverine
5) X-men (yeah it is a team but it is my list damn it).

I guess these are my favorite comic books as well. They were the ones I always read. From when I started collecting to the end. There were other mixed in through the years but these were the staples.

Peace out and "nuff said"

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

one for the scrap book 

I'll need to pick up the Globe today so I can cut this one out and add it to my scrap book of wacky news stories.

Can you hear me now?

Peace out

Friday, April 16, 2004

Right now I am reading this.


Peace out and what are you reading?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004


I have a tale to tell. I up until recently have been a member of AOL,as recent as say April 5th of this year. Go ahead laugh I'll wait.......
Done? Good.
I was a member of AOL for 9 years. For the past few years I never used it , not at all. It was one of those things I just never got around to canceling. Besides it was only like 20.95 a month billed to my credit card never really saw it or thought about it. My brother I think used it for chatting with his hoodlum pot head friends and looking up porn and pot sites.
I told Brian that I was getting rid of AOL and if he wanted to get his e-mail addresses and shit he better get it soon. I ended giving him a month before I got around to calling AOL. I was reminded that I was going to do that when I got my next credit card bill and the only thing on there was the AOL charge. So I said fuck it tonight AOL is gone.
I get on the phone dial the number and go through the bull shit of press 1 for this and 2 for that. Ended up pressing 0 to avoid getting lost in the phone system. I end up talking to Lindsay I think that was her name anyway. She comes on and says.

"Hi my name is Lindsay thank you for calling AOL. How can I make your online experience better?"

I respond with "actually I am calling to cancel my account"
She then starts to ask me why I was canceling and I told her the truth I just don't use it and it was a waste of my money. She said she understood and then proceeds to try and make me stay a customer. She goes through the benefits of AOL. I break into her spiel and say no thanks I just want to cancel. She continues to tell me about the security of AOL this and that of AOL. She asks me what do I do online. I again tell her I just want to cancel. She keeps going on and on. Now I am pissed and I try to talk over her as she keeps going on about it. I tell her I want to talk to her supervisor she keeps on going. I just hung up on her I was to pissed off.
My next step is to call back and get someone new. I called the same number and when I got a phone rep he transfers me some where else. I get another person and they tell me I need to call another number. What the fuck is this? They make it so hard to get out that you just give up trying, not me, not this time FUCK AOL.
Next I get Henry. Henry is nice and Henry helps me. I tell him the whole story and he looks up the account and it turns out the bitch Lindsay did put the cancellation order in anyway. Fine I say thanks for your help I say. I even have a cancellation confirmation number.

Today I come home from work and flip through my mail I see a letter from AOL. "Important account info inside" I think it is my cancellation confirm.
NOPE. It is a fucking thank you note. Thanks for being apart of the AOL community. How I am important and they want to make sure my online experience is rewarding. What the fucking hell is this shit? Then there was another letter from AOL. This one I rip open and it says.
"On behalf of AOL thank you for agreeing to continue your subscription to AOL. ?!?!?!? When the fuck did I do that? According to the letter it was April 5th. The night I called to cancel. Was I not clear enough to the three people I spoke to? Cancel you fuckers cancel!!!!!!!!!

So I called them again tonight to see what was up. Cassandra told me that my account was closed. Why did I get this letter? Maybe because they thought I might be coming back. I say nope. Just canceling. She says it is cancelled. OK, will I get a letter in the mail about this? Yes, yes you will.
I'll wait...and I'll see

No, really peace out.

Friday, April 09, 2004

I am going to need a new PS2 controller soon 

I just got R Type Final for my birthday. I have been a fan of this series since way back in the day. I remember playing the original in Napolies(sp?) in Quincy Square and various other arcade places. The newest version looks fucking amazing. It is hard, I mean really fucking hard. I have it on normal difficulty level. I just keep dying. I know it will take some time it is just learning all the sequences and paths the enemy takes cause it is the same every time. But if you make on little mistake in your timing....Toast City. I just want to throw my controller across the fucking room!

Peace out and pass the duct tape and super glue.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Corn on the Crotch 

I don't know what made me think of this, it just popped into my head while driving home the other day. It is weird how random memories seem to just come out of left field. Nothing specific triggering them, just bam, there they are.

Anyway the memory that came my way was this.

One block away from my house is Meadowbrook Road. It is unpaved and is just packed dirt with potholes everywhere. There is no meadow. There is no brook. There is a marsh and some foul smelling creeks. Marshcreek road perhaps? Regardless the kids in the neighborhood just called it the Dirt Road. Every once in a while I would take my car (79 Lemanns) down the Dirt Road and peel out kicking up dust and fishtailing all over the place. No reason really just being young. I didn't do this while I was alone, there was always someone else in the car with me. It was usually when we were out "just driving around" it could have been with Bill, Lisa, Scott, Chris, Joe and/or any random combination of any of them. Maybe even Rob(in the trunk of course).

This time it was Bill, I know that much for sure. He was in the shotgun seat. I am sure there were others but I only remember Bill for sure. I come down to the end of the Dirt Road and stop getting ready to do the cool peel out and kick all the dust up. Down the other end of the road was a BBQ going on since it was summer time. Now this is an entire block away at least three houses and the two apartment buildings long. Most of the people are on the lawn in front of the last apartment building. I floored it and the tires start spinning and throwing rocks and dust into the air. The car lurches forward and the back end fishtailes and we go streaking down the road. Now I know there are people down the end of the road and I slowed down in plenty of time. As I was going by the BBQ the people are all pissed off cause I was driving all crazy or whatever. I had my window down because it was summer and no AC. One guy says something like "fucking asshole" as he whips something into the car. It went right by my face. I have no idea how he missed me. It was point blank. He was right next to the car. Turns out it was a half eaten corn on the cob. Turns out the corn on the cob hit Bill right in the junk. Fucking nailed him right in the balls. Oh man was that fucking funny. Well I thought it was funny maybe Bill feels differently about Corn on the Crotch.

Peace out and pass the corn on the....never mind no corn for me.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Tales from the Scrapbook 

This one came from The Boston Globe

"A Missouri man (James Dinardi 44) who came to Maine to pursue a relationship with a woman he met on the internet died after using a chain saw to cut his neck on the woman's front lawn. The woman apparently wanted to end the relationship, but Dinardi, who had a history of attempted suicide, didn't want to take no for an answer."

I guess he showed her, huh?

Another from the Globe

"Lawrence, Kan. - Dion Rayford,a 270 pound University of Kansas football player, got stuck in the drive thru window of a Taco Bell when he allegedly tried to go after employees who left a Chalupa out of his order.
Rayford, 24, allegedly became angry about 2AM when he didn't get his chalupa. He got stuck when he tried to climb through the 14-by-46 inch window. The window couldn't support his weight and broke. "

This was around the time Taco Bell had the spots with the rat dog saying drop the Chalupa.

You can't make this stuff up.

Peace out and drop the chalupa!

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