Monday, March 29, 2004

Fire and Brimstone indeed 

I was born and raised Catholic. I went to 12 years of Catholic School and went to Church on Sundays with my mother. I stopped going when she allowed me to make my own decision on whether I wanted to go or not. Back then I stopped going because I was young and always had better things to do then waste my time in Church for 45 minutes or so each Sunday. Now I am older and I still don't go. I don't go because The Catholic Church just pisses me off and disgusts me.

I happen to catch a brief clip on the news last night. Pope John Paul wants fans to stop watching sports on Sundays. There is a brief mention of it in today's USA Today. So let me get this straight, with all the shit going on in The Church today, the Pope is concerned about people watching/playing sports on Sundays. Shouldn't the concern be focused on the pedophilia prone priests? The covering up of these sick bastards, shuffling them around parish to parish?

Also in a Canton MA parish they were showing an eight minute video against gay marriage. A gay man stood up and protested. He wanted to point out things he felt were un fairly portrayed in the video. He was asked to leave. This man can have criminal charges brought against him. It is against the law to disrupt a religious service. Isn't the Church supposed to teach against ignorance and intolerance? Love thy fellow man? I guess it is love thy fellow man, just not LOVE thy fellow man. Bah!

Another thing, opening day at Fenway is April 9th. Good Friday. It is Lent and good Catholics are not supposed to eat meat on Fridays during Lent. There was some complaints that the RedSox shouldn't have had opening day on Good Friday. Excuse me? I didn't realize everyone who went to Sox games (or baseball games) was Catholic. Did you? The Catholic Church also would not grant a pass for the day to allow people to have a Fenway Frank that day. Nope no pass for you. Although a few years ago Cardinal Law gave a pass to Catholics when St Patricks day fell on a Friday. Give me a break. My dad wanted to get a hotdog cart and park it infront of what ever church in Boston and hand out free hotdogs on opening day. That cracked me up.

Watch out for the Fire and Brimstone when you have a hotdog on Good Friday or happen to catch a little March Maddness on Sunday.

I have since considered myself a non-practicing Catholic. Maybe it is time to pick a new one, or none at all. I have to say there are so many Religions in the world today I can't believe that only one is the correct one. If that is true then a lot of people are screwed.

Peace out and pass the Fenway Franks

Friday, March 26, 2004

So the sun is finally out and the weather has finally turned nice(at least for today. It is pay day and I decide to head up to Newbury Comics in Goverment Center on my lunch break. There was nothing I was going for specifically just something to do. I wasn't very hungry since I have been munching on Doritos since 11:00. Excellent lunch nutritious and delicious.

I get to Newbury and start looking around and see a Weezer DVD priced at the low low price of $9.99. It has all the videos and a bunch of other stuff on it like live versions of songs and documentary shorts and what not. So I decided to get it. I also saw the Deluxe edition of the Blue Album with two discs and that has all the B-side stuff from the singles. I was just listening to this album the other day. Still kicks ass so I picked that up so I could have all the other extra crap.

I strolled to the back where they have the comics and as usual I flip through a few just to check it out. I used to collect comics like crazy. I have boxes and boxes of them stored at home. I miss collecting but it is just too damn expensive now. Most are $3.00 a pop now. Needless to say I walked out with the first three issues of a new Transfomers Comic. The newest issue was number 3 and it just came out this week. I picked it up and the art was pretty fuking cool. So I went to see if the first two issues were in the older issues they were so on a whim I said what the hell. Have read them yet but I'll get to them in a bit

I remember going to New England Comics every Friday (then on Wednesday too) and picking up all my issues that came out that week. I had a subscription so I would never miss an issue. I could hold stuff in my sub for as long as Tom or Wilson would let me. Then it was "Buy your shit or it goes back on the shelf. I enjoyed New Arrival Days. I looked forward to seeing what was going to happen to Spiderman, Batman, X-men and all the rest. You go there and it was always the same group there. Especially working. Tom(I believe Tom is still there), Mike, Wilson and Jason worked there also although I don't remember ever seeing him there.

It got to be too much money though. Not just because they raised the price but in order to follow a story line say in Amazing Spiderman, you had to buy all the Spiderman titles. Peter Parker, Web of Spiderman and plain Spiderman. It used to be that happened once or twice a year. Now it was all the time. They also were doing the multiple covers of the same book. You had to have one of each if you were a serious collector. Sometimes you would need to get two of everything. One to read the other to save. Save it in the plastic protector and never ever open it. The print runs were enormous so books would never be worth anything. We didn't know or we choose to ignore the truth. That is when I stopped collecting.

Now with all the kick ass Marvel movies being made I go buy the trade paper back graphic novels that collect various story lines When X-men came out I went and bought a bunch of X-men stuff same with Daredevil, Spiderman and I even went and bought some Batman shit. I felt like a kid again sitting in my room reading comics and blasting GNR or old Metallica.

So today I bought Weezer and Transfomer comics. Geek? Why yes I am.

I tell ya though it is a good time to be a geek.

Peace out and Transformers are more than meets the eye.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Would you like the "Happy Ending massage"?

Quincy Rocks

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

for your amusement.... 

Since about 1999 or so I have kept a scrap book. It is made up of newspaper articles that I found in the various local papers. I actually haven't put anything in it in quite a bit of time but oh well. The articles either make me laugh or say WTF? Sometimes both. I was flipping through it as I cleaned my room (Fucking slob that I am) and I figured I would share a couple with you.

Not sure of the date on this one but I am pretty sure it was in 99 and came from the Boston Globe. I think Scott will appreciate this, it has his fav person in it..

In Danville, Kentucky a woman used a "fake" $200 bill at a Dairy Queen. This $200 bill had a picture of George W. Bush and a depiction of the White House with a lawn sign that said "We like broccoli". The DQ employee gave the woman here $198 dollars in change.

This next one comes from The Boston Herald 10/24/99

"A herd of 15 elephants got roaring drunk on rice beer that they found fermenting in casks in Prajapatibosti India. They went on a rampage of destruction seldom seen in the quite little village.
The intoxicated pachyderms trampled people, huts and rice paddies before staggering off into the jungle"

Do drunk elephants see pink elephants?

Ah well let me know if you want more. I have stories about Chalupas(sp?) Seaworld, and chainsaws. Not all in the same story mind you.

Peace out and turn the page.

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Dawn of the Runts 

It seems that every time I post something it is due to people being stupid. Well at least the times I post to complain. When we were all at the movies on Friday night (well at least the east coast zombie crew) there was a baby at the movie. I heard the little runt coughing. I also think I heard a young kid there to. My question is who the fuck brings a child let alone a baby to see Dawn of the Dead? What the fucking hell is wrong with people. Hire a baby sitter you shit for brains waste. Can't find someone to watch the runt? Don't go to the movie. If you can afford to go to the night show and get your gigantor tub of popcorn, nachos and your liter of cola than you can afford a baby sitter. Don't bring your baby so he can disrupt my movie going enjoyment. All in all this baby was very quite but there have been other times when someone brings a brat that won't stop crying. Then they also refuse to leave the theater. What the hell? I don't think they should allow babies into theaters regardless of what movie it is. Not even Finding Nemo. If they are still in diapers and can't say "Nemo" they are too young
That movie was totally in appropriate for young children. I was talking to Chris who also saw the movie and there was a couple behind him that brought a 12 year old. Are people demented? The movie is rated R. It has that rating for a reason. Now I am not saying that you need to be 18. I think 16 or 17 with the adult is fine. Just no little kids. Am I asking too much? Am I being unreasonable?

Peace out and pass the brains.
mmmmm braaiiinnss

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Chihuahuas in the walls 

Woman convicted of cruelty toward 230 dogs
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A 72-year-old woman collapsed in court on Tuesday after a jury convicted her of animal cruelty toward more than 230 Chihuahuas and 60 birds she kept in squalor at her southern California home.
Emma Regina Harter, who was also convicted of lesser charges of battery on an animal control officer, unsanitary conditions and failure to isolate sick animals, was treated in the courtroom by paramedics and released, prosecutors said.
She was ordered to return to court on Friday, when she faces a possible sentence of five years in prison.
Authorities raided Harter's home, which was caked in layers of fecal matter and where Chihuahuas were living in the walls, in November and seized the animals.
Many of the diminutive dogs died due to illness after they were taken from Harter's home and others were found too dangerous for adoption. But after the story became national news animal activists convinced a judge to spare about 150 of the animals from being put to death.

Could you imagine Chihuahuas in the walls? Somehow I find this scarier then Dawn of the Dead is going to be.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Fun Fact 

Did you know?
The Capital Building in Washington, DC has 365 steps to represent every day of the year.

This comes from Real Fact #183 More real facts HERE

But I need to ask what about leap year?

about damn time....  

I read recently in Empire magazine that Goodfella's will finally be getting the upgrade in the DVD department. The current version out since 1999 or so has no extras at all. to top it off you need to flip the disc over half way through. I postponed buying this version because I knew that at some point the real deal would be released. The two disc set is scheduled to be released in September of this year. No official info as far as the extras but we can hope that there is commentary from De Niro, Pesci or Liotta maybe Scorsese. There was a rumor that the real Henry Hill was doing something for a Goodfella's DVD but that was back in 2002 and it came from Henry Hill himself while he was talking to Howard Stern.
Regardless of what is on there for extra goodies it is about damn time.

Peace out

Monday, March 15, 2004

The Three Faces of Me

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Books....check em out. 

I like lists. Lists keep everything in order. That is part of the reason why I write down in a list all the movies I see and books I read in a year. I have my movie list starting from 1996 up to present. My book list is only from last year. I tried the book list a number of times over the years but never kept up with it, until last year. I also have kept it up this year as well.
The other reason I write it all down is because If you ask me the last book or movie I read/saw my mind goes blank. It doesn't happen all the time and I can usually remember after a bit. If you ask me have you ever read (insert book title hear) I can remember and tell you yes or no. Same thing with movies. Whatever, off the point. I like lists and I am going to share my book list from last year.


1) A Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin - book one in a very good fantasy series

2)Fight Club: Chuck Palahniuk - good movie great book

3)The Amazing Adventures of Kaviler & Clay: Michael Chabon - story of two immigrant boys who write comic books in the beginnings of the genre

4) Flags of our Fathers: James Bradley - true story of the soldiers who raised the Flag on Iwo Jima

5) The Vision: Dean Koontz - I think this one had lightning in it.

6) A Clash of Kings: George R.R. Martin - 2nd book in the series

7) More, Now Again: Elizabeth Wertzel - Oh look she is on drugs again.

8) Villa Incognito: Tom Robbins - social satire at it's finest.

9) A Storm of Swords: George R. R. Martin - Book 3

10) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: J.K. Rowling

11) The Gunslinger: Stephen King- book 1 in the Dark Tower Series

12) The Drawing of the Three: Stephen King - DT book 2

13) The Wastelands: Stephen King - DT book 3

14) The Wizard and the Glass: Stephen King - DT book 4

15) Fellowship of the Ring: J.R.R. Tolkien - good fantasy series. I think they made a movie?

16) The Two Towers: J.R.R. Tolkien

17) The Wolves of Calla: Stephen King - DT book 5

18) The Return of the King: J.R.R. Tolkien

19) Mystic River: Dennis Lehane- good book almost verbatim to the movie.

I did start but have yet to finish two other books in 2003.
One was an auto biography on Traci Lords and the other was The Devil in the White City: Eric Larson - Which is the true story of the 1893 Chicago worlds fair and the serial killer who stalked it's grounds.

Well that is my list.
I hope to read more this year.

Peace out and hold my page.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I heard on the news last night about a guy who busted into a local Hollywood Video. It was the one on Newport Ave in Quincy. He throws a rock through the window in a smash and grab style robbery. He dashed into the store and steals six video games. Six games a total of about $300 worth of property. Now why would you just grab six? Why not bring a sack and fill it with games and movies? If you get duplicates so what give one to your friend or sell them.
On his way out of the store window he broke with a rock to steal six games he gets a chunk of glass stuck in his leg. It cuts his femoral artery. He stumbles across the street collapses in the street. Someone had heard the glass breaking and then they saw the man collapse in front of their house and called the police.
Troy D. Nunes was pronounced dead at Quincy Medical Center. He was 37. He was on parole at the time for an assault and battery, armed robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Maybe I am getting cynical. I think this guy got what he deserved. Cleanse the gene pool. Although he is the father of eight. Probably too late.

Peace out.

Monday, March 08, 2004

I just wanted to post something so here it comes

Did you guys here about the Wendy's story? The one where someone called 3 or 4 Wendy's and pretended to be a police officer. The "police man" instructed the supervisors on duty to strip search some of their workers. The supervisors actually went and did this. What the fuck is that? This boggles my mind. Not only do the supervisors have to fall for the trick and actually go and tell their employees that they need to take off their clothing because a cop called and said they were stealing. Then the workers have to comply with this. How stupid are people? I mean how mind numbingly stupid would you have to be to let this happen? Was there any point in time when any of them was like "Umm yeah I really don't think I am going to do that today" It is a wonder these kind of people actually make it accross the street with out slipping on their own drool.
I just do not get it. It hurts my brain to think of people out there, out there right now as you read this, that are this FUCKING STUPID!

Peace out.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

So now McDonald's is fazing out their super size items off of the menu. They are doing this because the health of average Joe is a concern of their corporation. Why is McDonald's concerned with healthy food? It is fast food people it is not good for you. It is supposed to have a million calories and high sodium content. It is fattening food. Bad for you. Everyone is aware of this right? Yet people have tried to sue McDonald's because they eat there and they are over weight. This is the fault of the fast food joints? Please. No one is forcing you to go. Stupid.

Maybe I should try and sue because when they take away the super size items I won't be able to get enough of their french fries. My body will go into withdrawal from the lack of fat intake. I will wither away and die.

Peace out and pass the ketchup.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


The tricksey NLP how I loath thee
You fooled, duped and bamboozled me
You published me in "Reflections of Light"
I had mounds of cash in my sight
Instead of cash you said "buy the book"
The NLP is nothing short of a crook
You said I was in the top three percent.
To you fuckers I say "get bent."

Monday, March 01, 2004

I graduated high school in 1989 and went on my merry way to attend college. I went to Dean Junior College (I think it is Dean College now) majoring in Mass Communications. As with any major you need to take a certain amount of electives in order to finish the program.

[Side note on Dean Junior College: We also had to take Physical Education Classes so I got to play softball and badminton along with archery and some other things I forget each semester]

One of the classes I ended up taking as an elective was a poetry class. It was interesting, we read and talked about a lot of poems and discussed there deeper meaning and what not. We also had to write our own poetry. If my memory serves me correctly we just had to write, nothing specific just write. On occasion though we would get an assignment. The poem we were currently reading was Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself". Our teacher gave us the assignment to write our own "Song of our Self".

We ended up having to read our poems to the class(I hated reading anything in class) and the teacher ended up liking it, actually she liked it a lot and it was submitted to and accepted by the school literary magazine/newsletter which was kind of cool.

Flash ahead a few years to the magical year of 1994. I happen to come across an advertisement in either TV guide or maybe in Parade magazine that comes with the Sunday Globe. The ad was for a poetry contest held by THE NATIONAL LIBRARY OF POETRY. (sounds official huh?) A poetry contest with $CASH$ prizes. With dollar signs in my eyes I went looking for my old papers. Of course I had them. I am a pack rat and keep just about everything. So I dug out the folder that had my poems in them and flipped through them and came across the on that my teacher liked back at Dean. I filled out the registration form and sent it.

A few months later I get a letter in the mail from the NLP. They liked my poem and they want to publish it in Reflections of Light. Publish it in a book. A book that people might actually read! Oh joy of joy! To say the least I was pleased with my self, pleased with my accomplishment. I did not win any money but I did get an
"editor's Choice Award presented to James Godfrey for Outstanding achievement in poetry presented by the National Library of Poetry 1994"
along with a letter saying that I was in the top 3% of all entries judged. How cool was that? I thought it was damn cool.

Here comes the catch. There is always a catch isn't there? I could get my very own copy of Reflections of Light for $50. Now of course I bought the damn thing. Who wouldn't want a copy of their own first publication? I mean that's a big deal right? Yeah big deal. A big scam by the NLP. Those fuckers. I mean there has to be 600 pages of poems in that book with 5/6 poems a page. If every person was fooled like me then I calculated about $150000.00 was made by the NLP on suckers.

They trick, fooled duped and bamboozled me.
Live and learn.
But when asked have you ever been published? I can say Yes, yes I have.

Peace out.

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