Saturday, February 28, 2004

I recently rented the original version of this Dawn of the Dead through Netflix. It was good late 70's horror. Cheesy like it should be. I tell ya though I am looking forward to the remake coming out in Mid March. It looks kick ass to me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Where has common courtesy gone? How hard is it to hold a door for the person that is coming along behind you? Just hold it for 1/2 a second so that when they get there the door isn't slamming in their face. I was on the receiving end of a no hold twice today and it pisses me off. You go through the door give the quick glance behind you to see if anyone is coming. Very very easy thing to do. Why don't people do it? Then there is the people that when you hold the door for them they just walk on through and don't attempt to hold the door for the person behind them. Then your like stuck there holding the door for the next person. I am not the doorman for all the people getting on/off the flipping redline. All I want is a little common courtesy.

Then there is the people that stand on the left side of the escalator. Walkers on the left standers on the right. Simple, very very simple but people fail to do this everyday of my life. They have to know that all the people behind them want to get by. Yet they stand there chattering away or spacing out. Move your ass people and move it NOW!

Now we come to the people on the train. First I hate the people that don't let the people off first they just barge in knocking people all akimbo. These same people then stand right in the doorways. Move all the way into the center of the car please. There is no reason to stand in the doorway when there is plenty of room on the rest of the car. They act like they won't get off the train when it reaches theitr station if they are not right at the door. You with the giant backpack that you refuse to take off even though you just knocked half the people to the ground. First, what the hell do you have in there everything you might need in a lifetime? What do you need all that stuff for? Fuck you, take it off and place it on the floor between your feet. Have some respect for the people around you. Namely me you fucking jackass.

I wish I had a stun gun. There would be plenty of room on that train.

Fucking people I hate em......

Monday, February 23, 2004

I am going on 33 and still live at home with the rents. It is good most of the time and not so good some of the time. I guess for the most part I am just content with the situation. Do I really want to get an apartment with roommates? I know I don't really want that. I guess I am fooling myself, because I really can't afford to live in an apartment alone. At least I don't think so. Maybe a studio? The only way would be to do it with a roommate. I almost moved in with Michele, we were in the planning stages when the relationship came to an abrupt end. I am glad the end came before the apartment or things would have been much messier. Dodged a bullet there. ; )

I also put some thought into buying a condo of my own. I wasn't much of a $$ saver so that isn't the ideal idea either. I am doing better though with the saving which is good. I also have some company stock and could use that for a down payment. Condos are expensive, I mean it is getting ridiculous. 200 grand for a two bedroom condo?!? What the hell? How can people afford this crap. I am doing slightly better as far as salary goes now that I am out of the mailroom (that's "interoffice communications engineer" to the uninformed) and into Facilities Management. Still, real estate is expensive these days.
What brought this on tonight? Well it is always in the back of my mind but sometimes it just gets pulled, pushed and prodded forward. This time it was my parents arguing over my brother (what else?). I came home from work an there was tension in the house My brother goes to school and has a part time job delivering pizza. His car had to go to the body shop this week because someone hit him in a parking lot smashing his headlight and he needs to get his car inspected (actually his sticker was up in Nov). The car is going to be gone for the week I guess so what does my mother do she lets him use her car. Her new car. I was using my car so he couldn't borrow that. This pisses my father off to no end. After I found out what was going on I asked my dad "What is Brian supposed to do? That is what he was hired to do, deliver pizza." he said something about telling his boss that he can't deliver pizza and could he just work the kitchen (which I guess Brian does when he has down time) but again he was hired to deliver, not work the kitchen, other people were hired to cook the pie and work the kitchen.

Whatever right? So my dad isn't talking to either of us because he is pissed that my brother is "using a 28,000 dollar car to deliver 3 dollar pizza, fuckin stupid"

Fucking Stupid is right......

He was always this way even with me. He would never let me bring the camcorder out. Even though it was what I went to school for. How twisted is that? I could use a camera from school that was worth 25,000 dollars but I can't use a 300 dollar Panasonic camcorder? Bah!

Yeah so like I said most of the time I am content with living at home. Other times....not so much.
Although the food is fantastic and with the laundry facilities right on site and the cheap rent who knows?

Peace out people.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Well now that I vented about the movies that bring my blood to a boil let's talk about the flip side. Movies that I love. These are movies that if I am sitting at home flipping through the endless channels and I come across one of these I stop. I stop and watch the rest of the movie. It could be the beginning, middle or end makes no difference. Can't get enough.

12) Office Space: This is one of the funniest movies ever. It just kills me. I own it on tape and DVD. PC Load Letter!?! PC load letter?!? What the fuck does that mean?

11) Starship Troopers: I remember seeing the preview for this (with Scott I think) and I just couldn't wait for it to come out. It was everything I wanted it to be from the previews. Endless streams of bugs with the troopers blasting there way through. Awesome action. Tongue in cheek humour. Good stuff.

10) Desperado/The Professional: This is how action movies should be. Guns guns and more guns with plenty of dead bad guys. Cool hero. Both of these rock from start to finish. (you could also substitute The Killer/hardboiled in this spot)

9)Halloween: This is the best horror movie ever. It scared the crap out of me and it has the creepy music. John Carpenter at the top of his game.

8)Spiderman/X2: What can I say. Finally someone decided to do the superhero movie right. As far as I am concerned they nailed both of these with the casting. Tobey is Peter Parker and Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. The rest of the casting was dead on too.

7)Road Warrior: This is sooo good. I want a special edition to come out on DVD like they did for Mad Max. I won't buy it until then. Everything about this was cool. The cars and bikes. Humungous and Ferral Boy. Mel was bad ass.

6)Aliens: I liked this better than the first one. I think mostly because I saw this one first. Much more action and the directors cut has the kick ass motion sensor guns.

5)Goodfellas: This is another one I am waiting to get on DVD. I know as soon as I buy the one with no extras they will release a disc with all sorts of good stuff on it.

4)Back to the Future I/II: Who doesn't love these movies? Pure cinematic pleasure.

3)Indian Jones Trilogy: I got the boxed set from Santa this year. It made me want to run out get a hat and a whip and a degree in archeology. Who is cooler than IJ? He loves his job. He kicks people's asses and he gets the girls. The scene when Indy gets smacked in the jaw with the mirror in Raiders. It make me laugh every time. Nothing like blunt trauma to the head to get me to laugh. Every time.

2)Star Wars Trilogy: The original untampered with versions. Nothing else will do. We grew up with these and they changed movies forever.

1)Lord of the Rings: Thank you Peter Jackson, you done good.

I suppose that If you asked me a month from now my list might be a little different except for the top three or four spots. It deepends on my mood and it depends on what I have watched recently.
Peace out and pass the popcorn.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I was flipping through my movie journal last night. I have been keeping it since 1996 and it lists all the movies that I have plunked down my hard earned cash to go see. First movie listed 12 Monkeys. Good movie as far as I remember, I think I might have only watched it once after that on cable. (Note to self put 12 Monkeys on Netflx queue).
I noticed as I went along that I have seen some bad movies over the last 8 years, some very bad movies. Which brings me to the point of this blog. I am going to list my top 10 most hated movies. These are not movies that I come out of the theater saying "Well that wasn't very good." or "That sucked." These are movies that made me mad. Movies that just pissed me right the fuck off that I even went to see. Wasted my money on and wasted my time. I come out of the theater wanting to just kill something in a blinding rage of disgruntled consumer. Here it comes.

10) Blair Witch Project- way to much hype on this one. Did not get my moneys worth at all. What the hell was that all about?

9)Lost World- This pissed me off because the only reason the book was written was to make a crappy sequel to a kick ass movie and I fell for it. The first half was OK but back in New York or wherever they were was just plan dumb. Hated it.

8)Pearl Harbor- Reason? Ben Afleck what a useless tool this guy is. I wanted this to be a movie along the lines of Saving Private Ryan. Not to be they throw in the Hollywood love story and screw it all to hell. Even Kate Beckisale in a nurse uniform couldn't save this crap heap.

7) Godzilla(98)- God I hated this. I hated the way they made Godzilla look I hated the damn fake raptors at the end. I want the Godzilla that is a man in the rubber suit. I don't care if it looks like cheese, make mine cheddar! Incidentally I saw this one twice because I promised, promised to take my brother. Damn guilt works.

6)Escape from LA- The scene with the surfing? How stupid was that and it looked terrible to boot. That is the only part I remember at all. Damn you John Carpenter. Is that a fitting sequel to Escape from New York? Not even close.

5)Fifth Element- I think Chris Tucker ruined this for me with his non stop screeching. What was with Gary Oldman's hair anyway? It just looked silly

4)Hannibal- I read the book and hated it. Why did I go see the movie of a book I loathed? No clue. This was another case of a book being written for the soul purpose of making a movie to make money. Hollywood should burn. Brains anyone?

3)Naked Lunch- I saw this with Jason and Bob. I think I was pissed at them for having me go to this. I def left the theater going "what the fuck was that?"

2)The Brady Bunch Movie- I spent three dollars to see this at the Wolaston Theater. Three too many. I used to like the show even if it could be a little annoying at times. The movie was every annoying part of the show lumped into 2 excrutiating hours of pure blinding agony.

Here comes number one. I think some of you might have guessed already.

1)Batman & Robin- My skin crawls every time I think about it. There is so much wrong with this movie it could go on and on. I mean Robin acctually says cowabunga. Cowabunga!! What the hell? I am getting pissed just thinking about it. All the frigging one liners by Mr Freeze. I mean Ahnuld as Mr Freeze? BatGirl played by the PETA freak Alicia Silverstone? Chris O'Donnell he sucks almost as much as Afleck. arrrrggghhhhhh!!!!!!!! Pile of CRAP! They should all die!!!!!

Well that is my list. I am all fired up now. I started out with just going to list 5 but it just kept going and going. I have tried to be more selective in my movie going choices. Thank Hollywood for Lord of The Rings, Spiderman, and X2. I guess it is a good time to be a geek.

Peace out people.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Well due to technical difficulties Metal Mania Weekend ended up being Metal Mania Monday. You see I was having problems with my speakers. Specifically the left speaker. I thought it was blown. Every time I adjust the volume the sound would kick in and out. I tried fiddling with the speaker wires. Maybe they were loose? Nothing. I have had these speakers for years, big Pioneer speakers (the same ones Bill used to have). They lasted me some time, I figured it was time for new ones.
I grabbed my brother and we headed to Cambridge Soundworks (Braintree Store). I browsed around for a little bit and had an idea of what I wanted. I wasn't looking to spend a lot, $300 or so. I ended up coming home with a pair of Newton M60 bookshelf speakers. They sounded good to me in the store and it was in my price range. The sales person wanted to sell me something out of my price range. Best deal in the house he says. I resisted and he wasn't too pushy so no complaints there.
I get home and hook up the first speaker. The left one because that was the one I was having trouble with. Guess what? Same thing happens. Adjust the volume and the sound kicks out. Fuck I say. I had some extra speaker wire lying around so I tried that. Nadda. Same problem. Fuck I say again. It has to be my receiver. I am ready to go back to the store and return the speakers and start looking at the receivers. More money I know but what the hell I have had the receiver for just as long. I happen to still have the booklet that came with my receiver and was flipping through it when I noticed in the diagram that there are ports for A speakers and.... hold your breath people, B speakers. Will it be that simple? I knew there was a button on the front that was for A and B speakers just never clicked. So I shift my entertainment center once again and move the speakers to the B ports. Problem solved. (I hope)
So the only thing left to do is return the speakers maybe today or at least some time in the next 45 days. So that is how Metal Mania Weekend became Metal Mania Monday. Rock on people. I am going to look for a Rainbow in the Dark.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Ahh the joys of metal. Heavy metal. I miss it, and I am not ashamed in the least. Jimmy declares this weekend to be a metal mania mayham metalithon (at least in Quincy, MA ). I just picked up a CD which Scott recomended or at least he reminded me that it was out. The CD is David Grohl's side project PROBOT. You can go to the web site and check it out. Basically it is David Grohl teams up with a bunch of metal singers and musicians. They write the lyrics and for the most part according to the liner notes he does everything else. It doesn't get mch better than when Lemmy growling lyrics such as "feeling good, get some wood, you knew you should you knew you could.
I think I will break out all my older metal discs too, Old Metallica (how come the new shit sucks so bad), Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer and all the rest. Even Skid Row which always reminds me of cruising around in the summer and hanging at Wollaston Beach. I love it when some radio station has those metal weekends or even the punk weekends. It is just so cool to hear that shit on the radio again. I will have to settle for a coule of hours on Sat night hanging with Dee Snider and his House of Hair. Sometimes that just isn't enough I guess I'll make my own. mmmmeeeeetaaallllllll(in your best king diamond voice who is on the Probor disc) Peace out people enjoy your long weekend and make it a metal one!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Remember this? Danger

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Star Wars Box Set Am I going to go out and spend $70 dollars for this? I want the original movies. The untampered with movies. The ones that we saw when we were little. Why must Lucas do this? What the hell is his deal? Doesn't he know what the real fans want. I know there are bigger issues in the world but this pisses me off. I want what I want. Damn you Lucas! Han shoots first. HAN SHOOTS FIRST!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Scott sent me this link ages ago and it should still be good. Excellent video and the music could be worse god knows there is worse shit out there. cool video Check it out.

Good evening people just hanging around trying this blog whozit whatzit. I figured everyone else has one why not me? Plenty of people I know have one and I had no idea. OUT OF THE LOOP. Maybe I am back in. we shall see.

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