Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the old and in with the new. 

Not sure who is left coming to this page. I have been away for some time. Away from this page not away from anywhere else. Anyway, I have to say I am glad to see 2007 go into the books. It really wasn't a very good year at all. There was a lot of sickness, death and injury to friends and family, myself included. I guess the end result for most of it turned out for the best. Still I think it is something I would rather have not gone through at all. Ah the new year approaches in hours and I am looking forward to something new. Bring it on!

Peace and happiness to all in 2008!

Diamond Jim

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dream a little dream 

I had an interesting and weird dream the other night a couple of weeks ago and I am just getting around to posting it. As soon as I woke up I put pen to paper so I wouldn't forget it.

I was out front with my mom as she was removing some weird looking scaffolding/ladder type contraption from the front of the house. Her and two men were taking it apart, breaking it down. She lifts one long section and rotates it so that it comes off the roof. In doing so she hits and ends up knocking down the power lines across the street. They come crashing down on top of my brothers white car. Sparking, snapping and whipping all over the place.

I ran into the house to call 911 and get someone out here to take care of it. As I enter the house the phone is ringing and my dad is answering it. I grab it from his hand telling him "I need the phone right now!” I say into the phone "Who is this? We are going to have to call you back!” I turns out it was my Uncle Arthur and he quickly gives me a new phone number for him (I only remember the last 4 numbers of it and it was the first thing I wrote down upon waking up. I keep meaning to play it for the Lottery).

I hang up with him and dial 911. I end up with the most infuriating 911 operator ever. I tell her the situation, power lines are down and could she send someone over to take care of it? She proceeds to tell me to go grab the wires, tells me how to tie them off and what else to do with them. I was like "I am not touching downed power lines! No Way!" She responds with "I can't send anyone. You are going to need to do it.” Again I tell her "No way!” She tells me to "Stop being a baby!"
Now the dream me is thinking to myself something like, I remember all those GI Joe cartoons with all the knowing is 1/2 the battle. I know touching power lines is a very bad idea. I tell her again "Send some one! There is no way I am touching those power lines!"

At this point I am beyond frustrated. I am unsure of what to do about it. A group of people walk into the house. One of them, a contractor/construction looking dude in heavy dark brown work boots accidentally knocks the phone jack from the wall disconnecting me from the 911 operator. I watched the jack, which had some sort of adaptor (which was bright orange) attached to it, skid across the kitchen floor. I look at him in his corduroy jacket and he has this sheepish grin on his face. I scream at him "WHAT THE FUCK!?”

I plug the phone jack back into the wall and dial 911 again. At first I get something other than 911 confused I hang up and make sure I dial correctly this time. Nine-One-One. Of course I get the same operator. I explain to her that I did not hang up on her I was disconnected. "Good thing." was her response. "The phone was disconnected. It would have been rude for me to hang up and I am not like that."

We get into it again and she tells me something like "We don't have enough _______. She was referring to fire trucks but she used another word and I couldn't remember it but it was an odd word. For the last time I tell her “I am not touching them. Send someone and send them NOW!" and I hand up the phone.

I look around the kitchen and there are many many people in the room. I am so pissed off about the 911 woman. I tell them “I am going out front to scream." I head out the front door, take a deep breath and start to scream. The scream gets caught in my throat and doesn't come out as loudly as I wanted. It was not nearly satisfying enough to relieve the frustration I had built up talking to 911.

The yell in the dream did one thing. It woke me up. I most definitely made some sort of noise. I waited to see if anyone came looking to see if I was all right. I guess it wasn't that loud. Just loud enough to wake me.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


This (Daywatch) looks awesome. I can't wait for it. It is a sequel to Nightwatch which was excellent. Never saw it? Go rent it or better yet go buy it right now. It is totally worth it.

Do it!
Do it!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Fresh Ink 

Well I think I had mentioned to a few of you at least that I was going to go and get another tattoo. Well I went and did Thursday night. I went back to the same tattoo place in JP, Pumpkin Tattoo. I did go to a different artist (at the recommendation of the guy who did my first) because the dude who did my Turtle was booked through next year. I went to this other kid Justin, after going through the books of the other tattoo artists. He had some very cool stuff and I thought he could do an excellent job for what I wanted.

Here she is.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Save Boston 

It is time to save Boston! Play this game to protect our city from evil.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Still Funny 

This is still one of the funniest things ever.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Return of the Bride of the Zombie Son's Movies 2006! 

1) Munich
2) Hostel
3) Saw 2
4) Underworld Evolution
5) Final Destination 3
6) Ultra Violet
7) Night Watch
8) V for Vendetta
9) Silent Hill
10) Notorious Bettie Page
11) MI 3 (twice)
12) Monster House (3D)
13) Lady in the Water
14) Superman Returns
15) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
16) The Descent
17) Crank
18) The Departed
19) The Prestige
20) Saw 3
21) Casino Royale
22) Clerks 2
23) Children of Men
24) Rocky Balboa
25) X-Men: The Last Stand
26) The Protector
27) Nightmare Before Christmas ( in digital 3D)

Well that is 2006 in Movies for me. Over all I enjoyed most everything I saw. The better ones were Children of Men (awesome), The Departed (awesome), Night Watch (great) and Clerks 2 (hilarious). The only ones I can say I was disappointed with were Ultra Violet which was not nearly as good as Equilibrium and Saw 3 which tried to do too much.

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